5 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Wooden Floor with Wooden Floor Staining

Wooden floors are a beautiful sight but the signs of age and wear can also give it that tired, worn out look that look dirty and dark. If you have wooden floors that need some freshening up, here are five effective and efficient ways to do so.


Sometimes, a good brushing and cleaning is enough to bring old wood floors back to life. You can start by using a bristle brush broom to sweep the floor, making sure that you get dirt and debris out from the cracks on the floor. Sweep the floor several times and vacuum to remove the tiniest traces of dirt and debris from the planks. Remove stains with wood floor stain remover or a simple solution of warm water and mild soap. 

Use new rugs

There is no need for you to have refinishing or wood staining in Kapiti to make your wooden floor look new. If you do not have the time nor the budget for a new wood floor finish, you can use a new rugs with vibrant colors to make the floor pop. This is great if you are simply bored with your wood floors and want to make it look more interesting. Rugs can also serve as area markers and can be used as a quick fix for dented and damaged areas if you do not have the budget for a complete do-over of your wooden floors. 

Old English Furniture Oil or Mineral Oil

This is a cheap way to give your old wood floors that glow and shine. Furniture oil costs just a few dollars at your local hardware store and comes in light or dark wood options. Mineral oil is also a good alternative if your wood floors only have a few dents and you just want to add some shine and gloss to your floor surface.


A fresh coat of paint may be just what your floors need, especially if they are cracked and dented beyond repair and you have no budget for costly finishing. A white coat of paint can give old, floors a new look and is perfect if you want to brighten up the look of a room and make it look more spacious and airy. Repainting old floors is also more suitable if you have a limited budget since it costs a fraction of professional refinishing.

New finish

This is perhaps the best way to make old floors look brand new. You can do this yourself by sanding to remove the previous finish and applying the same finish that was used to finish the floor. This is important if you are only finishing one room and not the entire house so that the floor finish for all floors remain the same color. If you are not sure what color of finish was used, you can test it using a small patch on the floor, wait for it to dry, and compare with the color of the old finish in the other rooms.

If you want to leave the work to professionals that do wooden floor staining in Masterton is home to several companies that offer wooden maintenance services such as wood finishing, staining and the like. For quality wooden floor staining in Wellington also has professional stainers and sanders that can help keep your floors looking new and fresh if you live outside of the Masterton area.

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